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Bas Heijmans in "Suiker in Perspectief"

July 11 2011 Author: Eka Suchiman

Eline Slagboom in Elsevier Magazine

Read the report about the Leiden Longevity Study and interview with Eline in June's issue of Elsevier Magazine (June 2011 no.25; pp 70-71) 

June 11 2011 Author: Eka Suchiman

Molepi's profile in Public Service Review

Read the profile of Molepi in the June's issue of Public Service Review's European Science Technology (no. 11) ...

June 11 2011 Author: Eka Suchiman

Eline Slagboom in "Zin" Magazine

Read Eline's interview with "Zin" Magazine (Zin 2011 nr 6; pp. 66-69) ...

June 11 2011 Author: Eka Suchiman

Eline on Bussiness News Radio (BNR)

Hear Eline on the radio in BNR's radioprogramme "BNR Gezond" ...

May 16 2011 Author: Eka Suchiman

Leiden Longevity Day in Leiden by newspaper "de Volkskrant"

Read the report about the Leiden Longevity Day organized in the "Stadsgehoorzaal" in Leiden by newspaper "de Volkskrant" ...

November 29 2010 Author: Eka Suchiman

Bas Heijmans in NWO's "Onderzoekers verbreden de Horizon"

Read Bas' interview in NWO's November issue of "Onderzoekers verbreden de Horizon"...

November 11 2010 Author: Eka Suchiman

Comment of Eline Slagboom in NRC Handelsblad

In 2010 an issue raised about a publication in Science. Worldwide many scientists were very critical about this publication. Among these scientists also Eline was being interview by the dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad to give her opinion on this matter.

July 20 2010 Author: Molepi - Molecular Epidemiology

Eline Slagboom in ZonMW's Mediator

Read the interview with Eline in the November issue of ZonMW's Mediator...

November 11 2008 Author: Eka Suchiman

Bas on BBC Radio

Hear Bas on the radio in BBC's Naked Scientists Show...

November 02 2008 Author: Eka Suchiman


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