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ZonMw Open Competition programme funding for Eline Slagboom and her team

Eline Slagboom and her team received funding for their ageing research by ZonMw as a part of the ZonMw Open Competitie programme.

June 11 2021 Author: MolEpi

Eline Slagboom selected as a novel member of the KNAW!

slagbop2018Molepi wants to congratulate group leader Eline Slagboom with being selected as one out of 23 novel members of the Royal Academy of Sciences in The Netherlands. Prominent scientists in the KNAW belonging to all disciplines are selected on the basis of their scientific performance. For Eline Slagboom this is on ageing research.

April 28 2021 Author: Eka Suchiman

Omixer: a Bioconductor package for multivariate and reproducible sample randomization

Lucy Sinke, Davy Cats, and Bas Heijmans have developed a novel Bioconductor package for sample randomization in omics studies. It optimally distributes variables of interest across batches to proactively counter unwanted technical variation in the data. 

April 06 2021 Author: MolEpi

Machine learning algorithms to predict physical activities in the GOTOV data

User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction Journal published the work of Stylianos Paraschiakos et al. presenting how activities of the elderly could be tracked using wearable sensors and Machine Learning with high accuracy (over 90%).


June 26 2020 Author: MolEpi

Julia Tilburg publishes on her internship project in Epigenomics

sunAs a biology master student at Leiden University, Julia Tilburg investigated the impact of UV-A radiation on DNA methylation in dermal fibroblasts to gain more insight in the processes underlying skin ageing. Now, the results are published in the journal Epigenomics


June 18 2020 Author: MolEpi

New paper in Aging Cell by Niels van den Berg

Today Aging Cell published the work of Niels van den Berg et al. showing that longevity is transmitted if persons belong to the oldest 10% survivors of their birth cohort and if at least 20% of their ancestors also belonged to the oldest 10% survivors.

April 30 2020 Author: MolEpi

Lifestyle-Intervention-Induced Reduction of Abdominal Fat Is Reflected by a Decreased Circulating Glycerol Level and an Increased HDL Diameter

Today Molecular Nutrition and Food Research published the work of Marian Beekman et al showing that the amount of abdominal fat is correlated with metabolic biomarkers in the blood.

April 23 2020 Author: MolEpi

OARSI collaborative scholarship awarded to Ritchie Timmermans for osteoarthritis research

Ritchie Timmermans, PhD student of Molepi's osteoarthritis research group, received the OARSI collaborative scholarship of 6500 USD.

March 05 2020 Author: Molepi

Symposium: Exploring multidisciplinary research questions

Prof. Eline Slagboom (Leiden University Medical Center), Prof. Angelique Janssens (Radboud University), and drs. Niels van den Berg (Leiden University Medical Center) organize a symposium on Monday 4 November 2019 in Utrecht from 09:00 am until 12:45 pm.

October 31 2019 Author: MolEpi - Molecular Epidemiologie

René Luijk receives PhD cum laude !

October 17 2019 Author: Molepi - Moleculaire Epidemiologie


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