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Public Lecture of Bas Heijmans at the University of the Netherlands

University of the Netherlands brings a series about diet and eating habits. Within this theme our epigenetisist Bas Heijmans, explains how environmental factors can influence genetic predisposition to obesity.
May 31 2019 Author: MolEpi - Molecular Epidemiology

OARSI collaborative scholarship awarded to Evelyn Houtman for osteoarthritis research

Evelyn Houtman, PhD student within our osteoarthritis research group, received the ‘Belt and Road Scholarship’  of 6500 USD funded by the Beijing Joint Care Foundation as part of the OARSI collaborative Scholarships.

March 07 2019 Author: Molepi - Molecular Epidemiology

Longevity primarily hereditary in extremely long-living families

Longevity is heritable, but that primarily applies to persons from families where multiple members are among the top 10 percent survivors of their birth cohort. The key to a long life can probably be found in the genes of these families. These are the conclusions of researchers at Leiden University Medical Center, together with their colleagues from Nijmegen and the United States, in an article in Nature Communications

January 07 2019 Author: MolEpi

How can natural selection in the womb explain health problems in adulthood

Bas Heijmans and Elmar Tobi in collaboration with researchers of University of Lund (Sweden), Wageningen University and Research (The Netherlands) and Columbia University (USA) published in Cell Reports about how selection of random epigenetic differences causes particular embryos to survive under adverse conditions in the womb.

December 05 2018 Author: MolEpi

BBMRI-Omics wins Dutch Data Prize 2018!

winnaars dataprijs 2018BBMRI-Omics wins he Dutch Data Prize for bringing together large-scale molecular data to accelerate the discovery of disease mechanisms! Stan Gielen, chair NWO and the jury, presented the prize to Bas Heijmans.

November 29 2018 Author: MolEpi

€ 100.000 Diabetes 2 funding for Leen 't Hart

LUMC researcher Leen 't Hart received €100.000 funding for his diabetes type 2 research. The funding comes from the program "Diabetes II Doorbraakprojecten" of the Diabetes Fonds and ZonMW.

September 27 2018 Author: MolEpi - Molecular Epidemiology

Nature review of Eline Slagboom and collegues about ageing is out!

Together with Linda Partridge and Joris Deelen, Eline Slagboom wrote an article "Facing up to the global challenges of ageing" which is published by Nature and out now! Have a look at:

September 06 2018 Author: Molepi

PhD defense of Wouter den Hollander

This morning 29th of March, Wouter den Hollander will defend his thesis! 

March 29 2018 Author: Molepi - Molecular Epidemiology

Longevity mainly ascribed to an extremely long-lived mother

For many years, scientists in Leiden have been monitoring 421 exceptional families with several members who have lived way beyond the age of 90. A new analysis of these extremely long-lived persons, their siblings, and parents now shows that longevity in these families is passed on mainly through the mother. The researchers present their results in the scientific journal The Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences. (press release LUMC)

March 27 2018 Author: MolEpi - Molecular Epidemiology

Our Master's student Margot awarded research budget of € 5,000

2018 margo tuerlingsOur Master's student Biomedical Engineering Margot Tuerlings got awarded a hDMT Organ-on-Chip research budget of € 5,000 for her junior research project.

February 06 2018 Author: MolEpi


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