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BBMRI and Surfsara collaborate on genomic data

13 July 2017 Author: MolEpi

Genome researchers in the Netherlands are working in close cooperation in the field of omics data (such as genomic and metabolomic data) in the BBMRI-Omics consortium. Surfsara is intensively involved in the construction of the digital research environment, where omics-data can be shared and analysed.

Customised medicine is the overarching objective behind these developments, i.e. medicine that is predictive, personalised,
preventative and participative. As well as close collaboration between researchers, this requires ICT infrastructure that guarantees mutual trust and that responds to the security requirements and needs of the researchers, e.g. being able to share data sets and processing capacity quickly. Paul van Dijk has written a blog for which he asked Marian Beekman as BBMRI workpackage coordinator to illustrate the context.