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International NCHA congress “Adding Healthy Years to the Human Lifespan”

06 February 2013 Author: Molecular Epidemiology - Molepi

The Netherlands consortium for Healthy Ageing, chaired by Professor Eline Slagboom (head of our department) and professor André Uitterlinden (Complex Genetics, Erasmus MC), is organizing a two-day international congress  in The Hague (The Netherlands) on 7 and 8 February). The scope and structure of this congress are unique because of its starting point from the societal and human perspective, the strong multidisciplinary character of the research, the collaboration with and presence of industrial partners, and the keen eye for the translation of knowledge from epidemiological and functional studies to practical application. More information on:

Professor Eline Slagboom and the Leiden colleague Professor Rudi Westendorp, the founders of the Leiden Longevity Study, will be two of the presenters.

Professor Eline Slagboom will also speak on Saturday Feb 9, on the public day in Communication Museum in The Hague.