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24 April 2014 Author: MolEpi - Molecular Epidemiology

We kindly ask your attention for the mini-symposium "Genomic, biomarker and systems research into ageing and complex disease" that will be organized by the Molecular Epidemiology section of the LUMC. This mini-symposium will cover genetics of longevity, blood pressure regulation, biomarkers and causal factors for many age-related and complex diseases.

Mini-symposium: Genomic, biomarker and systems research into aging and complex diseases

Date: Wednesday 25th of June 2014, 9:30-12:30 hours

Venue: LUMC, lecture hall 3

Confirmed speakers: Tom Kirkwood (Newcastle University), Cisca Wijmenga (UMCG), André Uitterlinden (Erasmus MC), Ton de Craen (LUMC), Joris Deelen (LUMC)

Programme Mini-Symposium