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Molepi in RTL 4 series about DNA

12 September 2011 Author: Molepi


As promoted before RTL4 broadcasting filmed in our lab for their new six-episodes series 'Lang zullen we leven' (Let us live long). Molepi appeared in the first episode of the series, which was broadcasted on September 4 and replayed on September 10, 2011  This programme is produced by I Care Productions in collaboration with the Netherlands Genomics Initiative and five of its Genomics Centres.


In this popular scientific series, television host Geert Hoes dives into the wonderful world of DNA. He discovers in a fun and easy accessible way what's possible in the Netherlands, thanks to innovative DNA research carried out with financial support from the government.

DNA is everywhere. In all plants and animals, in our food and of course in our own bodies. It is the building block of life. DNA contains the unique codes that determine our looks and abilities. By means of international high-end DNA research solutions can be found to improve the quality of our lives even further. Geert searches for those solutions and discovers that DNA research is not scary, but has lots to offer. During his quest Geert Hoes meets various scientists, hears firsthand stories of patients, conducts some experiments in the lab, visits companies involved, and goes out to the streets to test the knowledge of the Dutch people. In between he explains all sorts of things about DNA, proteins and genes.

Each episode handles a specific theme and its accompanying research questions. In this way Geert not only learns how DNA research can improve cultivation of tomatoes and potatoes to improve increase the quality of crops; but also how by using the most innovative DNA and protein analysis techniques illnesses such as cancer, gluten intolerance and osteoporosis can be treated better or can even be prevented in the future.