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Molepi involved in 2 funded Rainbow Projects by BBMRI-NL

11 September 2011 Author: Eka Suchiman

BBMRI-NL has awarded funding to two Rainbow projects.

The third Rainbow project to receive funding is ‘A nation-wide functional genomics infrastructure enabling mechanistic insights into complex disease phenotypes'. It is set up by four researchers: Dr. Bas Heijmans (LUMC), Dr. Lude Franke (UMCG), Dr. Aaron Isaacs (Erasmus MC), and Dr. Rick Jansen (VU). They stand to receive € 2 million.

Rainbow project 4 is called 'Infrastructure for the application of metabolomics technology in epidemiology', set up by Prof. Eline Slagboom (LUMC) and Prof. Dorret Boomsma (VUMC). They will receive funding for € 1.757 million.

Both projects will in all likelihood start in September and last two years.

Please read the team's interview about Rainbow Project 3:


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