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New paper in Aging Cell by Niels van den Berg

30 April 2020 Author: MolEpi

Today Aging Cell published the work of Niels van den Berg et al. showing that longevity is transmitted if persons belong to the oldest 10% survivors of their birth cohort and if at least 20% of their ancestors also belonged to the oldest 10% survivors.

In this study Niels van den Berg et al. showed that human longevity is transmitted for at least 2 subsequent generations only when at least 20% of a person’s relatives are long-lived. The analyses are based on a unique dataset, covering 37,825 persons from 1,326 five-generational families, in which living study participants are connected to their deceased ancestors. Our findings highlight the importance of using survival information of relatives/ancestors to avoid long-lived phenocopies in genetic studies and aim to stimulate cohort studies to extend their data with such ancestral information.