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NWO awards prestigious Vici grant to Ingrid Meulenbelt

12 February 2016 Author: Eka Suchiman

ingrid_vici.jpgLUMC scientist Ingrid Meulenbelt has received a Vici grant of 1.5 million Euros from NWO. This funding enables her to continue her research to search for a therapy on osteoarthritis. Dr. Meulenbelt is a researcher at the section of Molecular Epidemiology within the department of Bio-Informatics and Medical Statistics.

Arthrosis is a highly prevalent, debilitating joint disease. However the development of an effective treatment is severely hindered because the disease process differs considerably between patients. The project will unravel and simulate the biological basis of the most important differences in a piece of cultured joint tissue. This will subsequently be used to search for new treatment methods for arthrosis.

Vici is one of the largest grants for individual scientists in the Nethelands and this funding will enable the laureates to do research for the next five years and to build up their own research group.