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NWO Grant for interdisciplinary research into the effect of family to life expectancy since 1800

14 January 2014 Author: MolEpi - Molecular Epidemiology

Prof. Eline Slagboom (Moleculair Epidemiology) and historic-demografer dr. Angélique Janssens (History, Radboud Universiteit) will investigate the influence of "family" on childhood mortality, fertility and life expectancy in the past 200 years. This research into the relation between childhood mortality, fertility and life expectancy within families is worldwide unique. NWO supports this research with a grant of €850.000.

In the past decade the research of Molecular Epidemiology has shown that specific heritable factors in families are involved in human longevity. "For new insights we need long familiy history that continues over several generations", says Eline Slagboom. "Therefore we start this interdisciplinary research line investigating the past two centuries. In this period the mean life expectancy increased from 35 years to 83 years"