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Poster prizes for Thies Gehrmann and Crystal Grant

28 June 2019 Author: MolEpi - Molecular Epidemiology

2019 posterprize thies and crystal

Thies Gehrmann (postdoc, left) and Crystal Grant (Visiting Research Fellow, right) received poster prizes as part of the Nature Ageing, Health & Rejuvenation conference in Rotterdam. Thies was awarded for exceptional communication of the topics in his poster, while Crystal was among PhD students awarded for best poster overall.

Crystal is studying changes in variability between people as they age at the molecular level, hoping this will inform causes of the variability of disease development among older people.

Thies and his colleagues investigate a lifestyle intervention consisting of diet and exercise, in healthy elderly participants of the Growing Old TOgether study (GOTO). They study the transcriptomic response of the intervention in static (fasted) and dynamic (challenged) whole blood measurements and find that the dynamic response exposes some unexpected mechanisms relating to the maintenance of cellular homeostasis. Further, the dynamic measurements are more able to capture the effect of the intervention in the participants, which implies a higher sensitivity, and a faster, or stronger response to achieve homeostasis following the challenge. These results give insights into the effects of a lifestyle intervention on the molecular physiology of cells, and may inform a measure that indicates intervention-induced health.