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Bas Heijmans

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bas2016 Bas Heijmans (1972) studies the role of genomic variation in human disease and ageing. His recent focus is on how the prenatal environment can induce persistent changes in the human epigenome and how these changes may contribute to metabolic disease. This topic fits in his broader research interest to use genome-scale genetic, epigenetic, expression and other molecular data in studying human metabolic disease and ageing. He was trained as a (molecular) biologist and in his human studies he combines the application of medium/high-throughput laboratory techniques with data analysis in the setting of molecular epidemiology.

Area of interest:

  • Epigenomics
  • Genetics
  • Metabonomics


Epigenomic technologies for DNA methylation detection:

  • Mass spectrometry (Epityper, Sequenom)
  • Chips (450k methylation beadchip, Illumina)
  • High-throughput bisulfite sequencing (RRBS)


Selected study populations:

  • Leiden Longevity Study
  • Hunger Winter Families Study (Bertie Lumey, Columbia University)
  • Netherlands Twin Register (Dorret Boomsma, Vrije Universiteit)
  • Danish Twin Register (Kaare Christensen, Univ. Southern Denmark)
  • PROSPER (Wouter Jukema, LUMC)
  • CAREMA (Edith Feskens, Wageningen University)
Selected publications:

Supervised PhD students:


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