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Daniele Bizzarri

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danieledaniele bizzarriDaniele Bizzarri (1993) started his PhD in April 2019 at the department of Molecular Epidemiology of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) under the supervision of Dr. Ir. Erik Van Den Akker.


He obtained his bachelor’s degree in December 2015 in Clinical Engineering at “La Sapienza University of Rome”, in Italy. His bachelor’s thesis project consists in a computational microdosimetric study on the effect of a pulsed signal (used in the clinic for electromagnetic stimulation) on a neuronal cell.


He continued his studies with a degree in Biomedical Engineering at “La Sapienza University of Rome”, graduating cum laude in 2018. During his master’s degree he won an Erasmus+ Scholarship to be able to study for 6 months in TU Delft, in the Netherlands. In the master he focused his interests on bioinformatics and computational biology. Therefore, he concluded his studies with a thesis focusing on the study of Network Medicine, which is the application of complex network theories on biological networks (i.e. protein-protein interaction networks, multi-omics networks, etc.) toward identifying, treating and preventing complex diseases.


Daniele’s PhD will be focused on the construction of predictive models of human health and biological ageing, based on molecular measurements of multiple -omic levels (i.e. metabolomics, methylomics, etc.), with the aim of having a better understanding on the inter-individual variability of the immune and metabolic system. This project is part of the the BBMRI(-NL) Consortium (


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