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Ingrid Meulenbelt

Professor Molecular Biology of Osteoarthritis | Tel.: +31 (0) 71 526 9734send mail


ingrid2016As of March 2017 Dr. Ingrid Meulenbelt is professor molecular biology of osteoarthritis at the Molecular Epidemiology department at the Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands. The department has an extended and strong background in studying molecular determinants (DNA, RNA, biochemical markers) and pathogenesis inferring risk of complex diseases via a genomic approach. The work of Meulenbelt has a focus on Osteoarthritis (OA). Her recent genetic work in a well defined OA study population (The GARP sibling pair study) has enabled the identification of the DIO2 gene as new OA susceptibility gene. This discovery prompted the functional research of the molecular actions of thyroid hormone in cartilage and bone.


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