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Leen 't Hart

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leen_t_hart.jpgLeen M ‘t Hart (1967) is the lead scientist of the diabetes genetics research within the LUMC departments of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Epidemiology. Furthermore he is affiliated to VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, NL. He has performed extensive research in the field of genetics of type 2 diabetes with special focus on deep phenotyping studies, mitochondrial function and progression of type 2 diabetes. In addition he has an interest in mitochondrial function in relation to longevity and healthy aging. Together with partners from VUmc he made the Hoorn study, the new Hoorn study and the Hoorn Diabetes Care System West-Friesland (DCS), suitable for (genetic) research. Furthermore, he is one of the funding partners of the international metformin genetics (MetGen) consortium. Using data from the DCS cohort it was for instance shown that several gene variants impact on response to metformin and DPP-4 inhibitor treatment in type 2 diabetes patients. His team for instance discovered that a gene variant near the chymotrypsin genes, CTRB1 and CTRB2, is assoictaed with GLP-1 stimulated insulin sescretion and DPP4-inhibitor treatment. Recently the MetGen consortium discovered the second robust genome-wide significant locus, GLUT2, for metformin treatment response in type 2 diabetes patients.

During the last few years Dr ‘t Hart has expanded his research into other omics, exploring the potential of genomics, metabolomics, proteomics and transcriptomics in stratification of patients according their risk for rapid progression of diabetes and development of diabetic complications.


Areas of interest

Type 2 diabetes





Selected publications

2016 Zhou et al. Nat Genet

2013 ‘t Hart et al. Diabetes

2012 van Leeuwen et al. Diabetologia


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