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Marcella van Hoolwerff

PhD Student | Tel.: +31 (0) 71 526 6692send mail

Marcella van Hoolwerff (1990) obtained her bachelor of Life Science & Technology in 2013, which is a collaboration between TU Delft and the Leiden University. During her bachelor research, she has made a DNA construct with i.a. ghrelin at the Erasmus MC Endocrinology Department. She graduated in 2016 obtaining her master of Life Science & Technology at Leiden University. The first master's internship was at the LUMC Molecular Microbiology department, where she has investigated suramin as an antiviral drug. During her 2nd Master's internship at the University of Utah's Edison Biotechnology Institute, she has investigated the ageing of the immune system of growth hormone receptor knockout mice.

In January 2017 she began her PhD research at the LUMC Molecular Epidemiology Department. The project is supported by the Reumafonds and will focus on the investigation of the cellular function of fibronectin in healthy and arthritic joint cartilage.


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