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Niels van den Berg

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niels.jpgNiels van den Berg is PhD student at both the department of Molecular Epidemiology (Leiden University Medical Center) and the History department (Radboud University, Nijmegen). He holds a master’s degree in Sociology (Tilburg University) with a special focus on quantitative data analysis and social cohesion. His MA thesis dealt with family embeddedness as a moderating factor for the causal effect of friends’ drug use on individual drug use. He combined writing his thesis with a voluntary research internship at Tranzo which is a research institute allied to Tilburg University. Tranzo focuses on a wide variety of health related topics. His research interests include criminology, epidemiology, social cohesion and social networks, family sociology and statistics/quantitative data analysis. Niels was also involved in various extra-curricular activities such as providing extra lessons for students with difficulties regarding statistical subjects, applied statistics, conceptual models, writing etcetera, and he was employed during his studies as a social studies teacher at the Luzac college (private secondary school) to examinees of 6 VWO and 5 HAVO.

Niels his PhD track concerns the Genes, Germs, & Resources project, which is a collaborative project between the Radboud University and Leiden medical centre. The project focuses on the effects of familial influences on early death and exceptional survival in the Netherlands between 1812 and 2015. This is done from an innovative framework, by combining the effects of resources, germs, and genetic influences. The project is divided into three separate sub-projects, each being the concern of a different PhD student. Niels will focus on sub-project C: Exceptional families or exceptional genes? The role of the family and the disease environment in exceptional longevity in the Netherlands, 1863-2015. In this sub-project the effects of genetic and social familial influences on longevity will be combined. Niels will be approximately two days a week in Leiden and three days a week in Nijmegen.


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