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P. Eline Slagboom

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Professor P. Eline Slagboom obtained M.Sci in Biology in 1987 and the Postdoctoral degree in biochemistry in 1993. Between 1993 and 2000 Slagboom worked at the Department of Vascular and Connective Tissues Research at the Gaubius Laboratory, TNO Prevention and Health, The Netherlands. She initiated a unit for genetic epidemiological studies aimed at the identification of genetic determinants of multi-factorial diseases.

In 2000 Slagboom was appointed as professor of Molecular Epidemiology at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). She established a new section of Molecular Epidemiology and a Genotyping Center (staff now 30 fte). Focus of the research in the past 10 years is on genetic, epigenetic, transcriptomic and metabolomic studies of healthy/unhealthy ageing and longevity in humans. These studies focus on metabolic disease and osteoarthritis and the metabolic component in healthy ageing. A diversity of human cohorts with unique study designs is being analysed for this purpose. Among these the Dutch Hungerwinter cohort to investigate late consequences of prenatal adverse conditions.

Slagboom is co-founder of the Research on Ageing at LUMC supported among other foundations by NGI. Together with Prof. R.G.J. Westendorp she initiated and heads the Leiden Longevity Study (Leiden LangLeven Studie). She initiated a research cohort of Osteoarthritis patients (GARP; Genetica, Artrose en Progressie) together with Dr M. Kloppenburg and Dr I. Meulenbelt. She initiated and teaches masterclasses in Molecular Epidemiology and Bioinformatics.

She has a leading role in large consortia within ageing research such as the Netherlands Consortium on Healthy Ageing (co-director) in which she established several private-public collaborations and close collaborations with national partners (EUMC, VU and WUR). Her research is closely connected to worldwide and European consortia in ageing research, in which she and her group play a leading role (LIFESPAN, GEHA, TREAT-OA, Mark-Age, SWITCHBOX and IDEAL). Since 2011 she is PI of a new large scale collaborative EU project (IDEAL: Integrated research on DEvelopmental determinants of Ageing and Longevity) and a BBMRI regenboog project to organise infrastructure for national metabolomics research in epidemiology. Slagboom is member of the Editorial Board of Aging Cell, and various committees.

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Higher Degree Students Supervised

(theses are downloadable by clicking on the titles)

Dr René Luijk, thesis title 'From correlation to causation: Data-driven exploration of transcriptional regulation using population genomics' in 2019 (cum laude).
Dr Jennifer Meessen, thesis title 'Outcome of osteoarthritis and arthroplasty from patient perspective to molecular profiling' in 2019.
Dr Wouter den Hollander, thesis title 'On the relation between genetic variation and osteoarthritis' in 2018.
Dr Jesse Krijthe, thesis title 'Robust Semi-supervised Learning: Projections, Limits & Constraints' in 2018.
Dr Roderick Slieker, thesis title 'Charting the dynamic methylome across the human lifespan' in 2017.
Dr Nils Bömer, thesis title 'Thyroid hormone signalling in Osteoarthritis' in 2017.
Dr Jonathan K Vis, thesis title 'Algorithms for the description of molecular sequences' in 2016.
Dr Yolande Ramos, thesis title 'Osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease of the articular joints: towards the implementation of functional genomics in OA' in 2015.
Dr Jenny van Dongen, thesis title: '(Epi) genetics and twins' in 2015 (cum laude).
Dr Erik van den Akker, thesis title: 'Computational Biology in Human Aging - An Omics Data Integration Approach' in 2015.
Dr Rudolf Talens, thesis title: 'Studies into epigenetic variation and its contribution to cardiovascular disease' in 2015.
Dr Joris Deelen, thesis title: 'Genetic and biomarker studies of human longevity' in 2014 (cum laude).
Dr Anika Vaarhorst, thesis title: 'Genetic and Metabolomic approaches for Coronary Heart Disease risk prediction' in 2014.
Dr Willemijn Passtoors, thesis title: 'Transcriptomic studies in human ageing and longevity' in 2013.
Dr Elmar Tobi, thesis title: 'Epigenetic differences after prenatal adversity : the Dutch hunger winter' in 2013.
Dr Maarten Rozing, thesis title: ‘Endocrine and metabolic features of familial longevity The Leiden Longevity Study’ in 2011.
Dr Rita Slof-Op ‘t Landt, thesis title: ‘Genetic Determinants of Eating Disorders’ in 2011.
Dr Renee Ruhaak, thesis title: 'Glycomics based biomarkers of the rate of aging: development and applications of high-throughput N-glycan analysis' in 2011.
Dr Steffan Bos, thesis title: 'Genes and mediators of inflammation and development in osteoarthritis' in 2010.
Dr Maris Kuningas, thesis title: ‘A Study into Genes Encoding Longevity in Humans’ in 2007.
Dr Josine Min, thesis title: ‘Generalised osteoarthritis: from mendelian disorder to complex disease’ in 2007.
Dr Naghmeh Riyazi, thesis title: ‘Familial osteoarthritis. Risk factors and determinants of outcome’ in 2006.
Dr Behrooz Alizadeh, thesis title: ’Osteoarthritis and hemochromatosis, a genetic epidemiological study’ in 2005.
Dr Marian Beekman, thesis title: ‘Towards mapping QTLs influencing parameters of Lipid Metabolism in Human Twins’ in 2004.
Dr Bas Heijmans, thesis title ‘Common Gene Variants and Mortality in the Population at Large’ in 2000.
Dr Casper Bijkerk, thesis title: 'Genetic epidemiology of osteoarthritis' in 1999.
Dr Ingrid Meulenbelt, thesis title ‘Genetic Predisposing Factors Of Osteoarthritis’ in 1997.


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