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Ricardo de Gouveia da Costa Cachucho

Data Scientist | Tel.: +31 (0) 71 527 8933send mail

ricardo de gouveia da costa cachuchoRicardo Cachucho (1986) was trained as a data scientist at Porto University and Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science. His research is focused on multivariate time series analysis and machine learning applied to time series. At MolEpi, Ricardo is focused in wearable sensor data and the study of health style contributions to healthy ageing. Integrating data from multiple longevity studies and contribute to better guidelines and monitoring of healthy lifestyle ageing is his main research goal. He combines his knowledge in machine learning and data science with the wearable data of the Leiden Longevity Studies to improve what we know about healthy ageing.


Area of interest:

  • Time series classification and regression
  • Longevity studies


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